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Disorganization comes from not having a central plan for each room. Creating an organizational plan takes into consideration the flow of the space, the activities that the space is to provide and the frequency of these activities.

Kitchen Central: High Frequency…. The kitchen is used every day all day long. If you menu plan, you can organize the time that the kitchen will be occupied for food preparation and cooking. If it is an eat in kitchen you can take into consideration that it will be occupied during meal times too. Without these key timing factors, you will have a bit of chaos that will be an ever evil. I suggest that you create a booking system outside of the usual meal prep, cook and eat times so that everyone will know if the space is free or occupied. Everything will flow easily around this structure and everyone will be more happy.

Sports Central Garage: Low to Medium to High Frequency… A sports busy family has to have a very well organized garage to hold the gear for easy access. In some families, there can be multiple sports seasons over lapping each other. That is where the organized placement can be a huge helper. Setting up the scale of the garage to suite the little sports people will also add confidence in getting their own gear. If the play schedule requires the use of the equipment at times daily or weekly, such as bikes, they must be housed at the ready with easy access. Those pieces that are used once a month or seasonally on vacation can be well housed in your storage unit. A room that is centered around its activities is a well organized room. No need for disorganization when the space is well tooled.

My name is Angelica Holiday and my company is called Organize Rescue. www.organizerescue.com  I am a motivated organizer that helps people with everyday and upscale organizing challenges, organizes people’s moves and provides wardrobing services. My expertise also includes when it’s time for Mom and Dad to go to a care home, downsizing of all kinds and hoarders. I do hope some of my thoughts were helpful. Please call to book an appointment. Blessings,  Angelica Holiday, Organize Rescue, www.organizerescue.com holiday@organizerescue.com 310-990-5100

Disorganization Central

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