Couples Clutter

My motto is, “Be Complete. Put things Completely away.” As for couples, Be a Complete Couple. Put things Completely away.”

It always starts with, “He makes little piles.” She says “Then the little piles become bigger piles.”

Perception of a problem is a bigger problem. It is the core of miscommunication. Couples are not working out their own inner blockages and all the stuff becomes an outward sign of these issues. Not everything has to be accomplished in one fell swoop, but when indecision and self doubt come to the surface it has to go somewhere and where it goes is into little piles of clutter.

This inner communication quandary is reflected in the way the couples communicate on a regular basis. Holding, then releasing, withdrawing then talking are common staging grounds for resentment and anger. I see this all the time in my couples organizing work. Even when one partner has a room just for their crafts and the other has the garage for their DIY, each of the spaces have little piles.

One couple I worked with had the wife as the team leader. She was at home with 3 kids under the age of 7 and all their stuff too. The husband did not lend a  hand nor supported the work we were doing. Now the wife has systems to safeguard the home going back to chaos. We never got the husband’s things in any sort of order and it will never change, unless he acknowledges his own indecision and self doubt. That is where my job stops and the marriage counselor’s begins.

My name is Angelica Holiday and my company is called Organize Rescue.  I am a motivated organizer that helps people with everyday and upscale organizing challenges, organizes people’s moves and provides wardrobing services. My expertise also includes when it’s time for Mom and Dad to go to a care home, downsizing of all kinds and hoarders. I do hope some of my thoughts were helpful. Please call to book an appointment. Blessings,  Angelica Holiday, Organize Rescue, 310-990-5100

Couples Clutter

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